Our agency consists of seasoned
professionals with many years of experience
in Life, Accident and Health Insurance.


Jackie Chimino

Insurance Broker

Trusted Advisor in: Medicare Health and Rx Plans.

Little Known Fact: I am a twin!

Favorite LP Value: Gratitude, taking nothing for granted, but to always seek out and value the kindness that will stand behind every action. In business as in life being grateful keeps the giving going.

Education: University of Hartford, B.S., B.A. & M.B.A. in Employee Benefits.


Harold Arroyo

Insurance Broker

Trusted Advisor in: Medicare Health, Life and Critical Illness plans.

Little Known Fact: I became an uncle before the age of 2.

Favorite LP Value: Our passion is to serve the community beyond their expectations.

Education: Central Connecticut State University. B.S. in Networking Information Technology.


Maria Mercedes Carrero

Insurance Broker – CT & FL

Trusted Advisor in: Insurance Producer.

Little Known Fact: I am one of 10 children.

Favorite LP Value: I pride myself in providing my community with the most beneficial services available with compassion and caring service.

Education: Springfield Technical Community College, Nuclear Medicine Degree.


Maria Cartagena

Insurance Broker – PA & NJ

Trusted Advisor in: Medical Health, Life, Critical illness.

Little Known Fact: I was married at the age of 17.

Favorite LP Value: Giving the highest level of ethical and trustworthy value to our clients.

Education: 3 years at Lehigh County Community College, Majoring in nursing. Nursing Aid Certified.


Michael Giuliano

Insurance Broker

Trusted Advisor in: Medicare Health, Life, Critical Illness plans.

Little Known Fact: My wife shares the same birthday as my mother.

Favorite LP Value: Our golden rule is to treat our clients like our own family.

Experience: Many years providing Health Insurance for the critically ill.


Derrick A. Graham

Insurance Broker

Trusted Advisor in: Medicare Health, Life and Funeral Insurance.

Little Known Fact: I produce music in my spare time!

Favorite LP Value: Education. To provide clients with knowledge so they can make informed decisions.

Education: B.A.,B.S. Finance, Kane University 1999


Richard Kilpatrick

Insurance Broker

Trusted Advisor in: Final Expense and Medicare Health and Rx Plans.

Little Known Facts: I am a dog trainer and sports coach.

Favorite LP Value: Helping families prepare for the unexpected.


Osvaldo Mercuri

Insurance Broker

Trusted Advisor in: Life, Medicare, Health and Rx Plans.

Little Known Fact: I’m a Scuba Diver Instructor.

Favorite LP Value: To provide knowledgable advice and service to our costumers.

Experience: Many years of  working in the Health Insurance Industry.


Brenda Oquendo

Insurance Broker

Trusted Advisor in: Life and Health Plans.

Little Known Fact: I am a Diamond Beachbody Coach!

Favorite LP Value: Looking for the best benefits for my customers at all times. Achieving their goals is my greatest satisfaction.

Experience: Licensed in CT, FL & MA.


Iris Reyes

Insurance Broker

Trusted Advisor in: Health, Rx and Life Insurance plans.

Little Known Fact: I am the youngest of eleven siblings!

Favorite LP Value: Educating residents in our community about the options in Health, RX and Life Insurance Plans available to them, and continual customer service.

Education: University of New Haven and Central CT State University (2 Years) majoring in Political Science and Psychology.


Carmen Román

Insurance Broker – PA

Trusted Advisor in: Medicare, Health, & Rx plans.

About Me: “I love Music” and Corn Ice Cream, Albert Einstein is my favorite person and the beach is my favorite place.

Rules of Life: Do everything with passion and compassion. Let Gratitude fill you everyday, as one day is all it takes to make a difference.

Education: Universidad de Puerto Rico, Cedar Crest College in PA.


Emilio J. Sanchez

Insurance Broker

Trusted Advisor in: Final Expense planning and healthcare plan consultation.

Little Known Fact: I have never eaten a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich in my life.

Favorite LP Value: Bringing knowledge and value to our communities, and providing services that will enrich our clients and their loved ones for years to come.

Experience: Working with families to analyze their current situation & helping them plan for what tomorrow may bring.


Christian Velez

Insurance Broker

Trusted Advisor in: Life and Health Plans.

Little Known Fact: I am an Air Force Veteran.

Favorite LP Value: Integrity first, Service before self, and Excellence in all we do.

Education: Central Connecticut State University. B.S.B.A and M.S. of Educational Counseling.


Ryan Walker

Insurance Broker

Trusted Advisor in: Medicare, Health and Rx Plans.

Little Known Fact: I grew up on an Island, love the ocean but can’t swim!

Favorite LP Value:  Providing quality service to others in our community.

Education: B.A. from Central Connecticut State University. Major: Sociology / Minor: Criminal Justice.